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What’s Coming Up?

Mini School Welcome BBQ

Mini Students and Teachers start the year off with some food and socializing. 

Bard on the Beach Field Trip

All Mini Students will be attending a Bard on the Beach Performance. This is an annual tradition for Tupper Mini. 

2023 Performance: 

  • Sept. 27th 

  • As You Like It

Mini School Open House

We hope to provide an insightful overview of Tupper Mini School with this event! We will go over all the contents the Mini School has to offer as best we can. The event will be held on October 12th, 2023.

Mini School Skating

All Mini Students go to Hillcrest Community Center and skate on the public rink. This is another chance for the students to have fun and create friendships between the grades. 


  • November/December 2023

Mini Camp

Camp usually occurs in the spring and is a fun 3-day bonding experience for Tupper Mini students.


2024 Camp: 

  • May 15th-17th -- Stillwood Camp

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