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About Tupper Mini School

A Lively Learning Experience

Tupper’s Mini School Program is an option for academically motivated students who want to challenge themselves in various ways. Tupper Mini is a five-year district program that is designed to meet the needs of academically advanced and motivated students who wish to be lifelong learners.  We want our Tupper Mini students to be have a well rounded education. Therefore, Tupper Mini includes a highly enriched program for our English and Social Studies classes. English Mini classes proceed for the five years, and Social Studies classes continue to grade 11 with the option of an honours program. Additionally, we provide accelerated Science and Math programs in grade 8 and 9 for students to have more Science and Math opportunities in grades 10-12. In order to continue to be in the program, students need to be able to keep up with the level of expectations in each of their classes in terms of attendance, attitude, work habits, and achievement as well as maintain involvement with extracurricular activities including field trips, opportunities, and leadership roles set up by staff and students.

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Our enriched English program proceeds for all 5 years at Tupper. 


It is designed to support and enhance student's expertise within English language and literature. 


This program will dive deeply into the complexities within written texts and push students to not only understand and analyze the story, characters, style, and form, but to also analyze the larger message of the work.


Stories are one of the most powerful ways to teach, learn, and heal; therefore, most fictional texts hold a form of truth about society and life. 


Additionally, we will be focusing on writing skills, with a strong importance being placed on writing conventions and successfully following the MLA style guide.


Students will watch live performances and visit a variety of literary events to enhance their understanding and connection to the arts. 



Our accelerated Science program allows the Grades 8, 9, and 10 science curriculum to be completed by the end of Grade 9. They can enter senior science subjects at the beginning of Grade 10 (such as Chemistry 11, Biology 11, or Physics 11). These senior science courses are integrated with students in the regular program throughout Tupper.



In our accelerated Mathematics program, students complete both Grade 8 and Grade 9 Math in their Grade 8 year, allowing them to finish Grade 10 Math in their Grade 9 year. The Pre-Calculus 11 curriculum is completed during their Grade 10 year, thus allowing them to finish Pre-Calculus 12 in Grade 11 and then proceed to Calculus 12 in their final year, if they wish.

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Social Studies

Students take our enriched Social Studies program for Grades 8, 9, 10 and 11. 

These enriched courses are heavily focused on Inquiry Based Learning, where students gain a deep understanding of the world around them. 


These courses place a large focus on formal writing, group and individual projects, research, and presentations. 

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