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About Tupper Mini School

A Lively Learning Experience

Tupper’s Mini School Program was established in 2000. The program is an opportunity for academically motivated students who want to challenge themselves in various ways. Through enrichment and acceleration, students learn and prosper!

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For students enrolled in our Mini School, the grade 8, 9 & 10 science curriculum is completed by the end of grade 9. They can enter senior science subjects at the beginning of Grade 10 (such as Chemistry 11, Biology 11, or Physics 11). These senior science courses are integrated with other students in the regular program throughout Tupper.

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Students complete both Grade 8 and Grade 9 math in 8th grade, allowing them to finish Grade 10 math in their grade 9 year. The Pre-Calculus 11 curriculum is completed during their grade 10 year, thus allowing them to finish Pre-Calculus 12 in Grade 11 and then proceed to Calculus 12 in their final year, if they wish.

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Social Studies and  English

These subjects are paired together through Grades 8 to 9. Students enjoy many opportunities to expose themselves to literature, history, and current events. Our goal is for students to achieve confidence in both written and oral work. No matter what the format, our students will be able to present themselves well. In grade 10, Mini School students will still have English and Social Studies as mini school courses, but the two subjects will no longer be paired and will have two separate teachers. In grades 11 and 12, English will remain as a Mini School course but Social Studies will become an optional mainstream course.

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About: Our Philosophy
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