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Tupper Mini School

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Tupper Mini School, and if we are the right program for you. In this section, we have compiled some of the frequently asked questions that we have received about our program. If there is something that we have missed, please send a message through our Contacts page.


Do Mini students attend separate classes other than their own?

Tupper Mini is a program within the greater Tupper Community. There are English and Socials (Humanities), Science, and Mathematics classes that are exclusive to students in the Mini program. However, other classes like Physical Education, Electives, and Languages are not specific to the Mini School and aim to integrate Mini students into the greater school community.

Is there a cost to this program?

The program itself has no cost, but the Mini School events and field trips we partake in do. We combine these costs into a yearly fee for simplicity. For more details, please visit our Cost and Subsidies page.

How are class schedules organized?


Sir Charles Tupper Secondary follows a semester system where students take four classes per day for half the year, and another four per day for the second half. All Mini School courses run at the same cycle as the regular schedule. Visit the school website for more info on our school schedule.

What problems have Mini students encountered?

It has been our experience that students with an excellent work ethic and a strong motivation succeed in our program. For those who lack this, you may face many struggles as you continue within our program. This is not to say that you will not succeed, but instead that you will have to push yourself harder to become a better student. Another problem some students face is the commute to our school. We have had students leave because they could not handle the long commute, yet we have also seen people who live even further from the school manage. It's up to you to decide whether you are committed enough to make a long commute every day.

Do you accept students from other grades into your program?

Of course! We occasionally have openings when students move away or join other programs. All students are allowed to apply whenever a spot opens up, regardless of what Grade you are in. Come speak to the Mini Coordinator Ms. Patterson at Tupper if you wish to apply for Mini for Grades 9-12. However, we do encourage that you apply in Grade 8 so that you get the most out of our program.

How Do I apply to Tupper Mini?

Please visit the application FAQ

I have previous French experience from French Immersion. How will my language education be handled in this program?

If you have previous experience in French, you have the option of taking a Language Challenge Exam and challenging out of high-school French altogether. Or, you can be placed in an advanced French class (for example, grade 10 French in grade 8) and end up finishing your French courses early. Either option provides the opportunity to take higher levels of French that would best suit your needs. This also applies to other languages offered at Tupper, such as Japanese and Spanish.

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