Admissions Process

For the most up to date information and dates, please visit the VSB website

Information Night

Attend the Tupper Mini School Information Night. This year was a livestream! You can watch the recording below! If you still have questions, please email: tuppermini@gmail.com

District Registry

Register for the District Registry process. This is a new required application for all students applying to any of the VSB Mini Schools. Please see the VSB website for more details.


Click the below button to download the application form. To apply, please submit a paper copy of the application to the Tupper office by the 16th of December. Alternatively, if your child attends a school in the Vancouver School District (VSB), you can ask to "blue bag" your application to Tupper at your school office. Please feel free to handwrite or type your form.

We will not be accepting online applications through the website, email, or any other forms.


Attend the virtual Mini School interviews. These interviews will be taking place sometime in late January or early February. Details will be provided closer to the interview date. *This link is currently inactive. Please check back later for updated information.

Interview Schedule

Report Card

Submit your grade 7 report card. Report card must be a paper copy:

  • To mail it (VSB only), bring a copy of your report card in an envelope to your elementary school office and write "Attention: Tupper Mini" on the envelope - make sure to check with the admin in your office to see if you need anything else. This will then be sent directly to Tupper's office.

  • Otherwise, drop it off at Tupper's office in person

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