Admissions Process

For the most up to date information and dates, please visit the VSB website

Information Night

Attend the Tupper Mini School Information Night. This year it is a pre-recorded video that can be found here!

District Registry

Register for the District Registry process. This is a new required application for all students applying to any of the VSB Mini Schools. Please see the VSB website for more details.


Fill out the digital Tupper application using the button below (now closed). It requires a VSB login meaning that the email will be "student#@learn.vsb.bc.ca" (eg. 123456@learn.vsb.bc.ca) and the password will be the default or whatever you have changed it to (this password is the same as the one used to login to school computers). If you have issues with this, please talk to your teacher. If you are not a VSB student and therefore don't have this login, please contact us.​

*Email submission confirmations for our digital application are not available. If the Thank You/Confirmation page of the form appeared then the application was successfully submitted. We are only sending manual confirmations to non-VSB students so DO NOT contact us about confirming your form submission.


Attend the virtual Mini School interviews. These interviews will be taking place from January 25th to Feb. 8th and will occur between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on Microsoft Teams. A detailed schedule can be found below along with an email that we sent to all applicants. Unfortunately, we will not be allowing scheduling changes if participants are unable to make their allotted time. Instead, we are making interviews optional this year - preference will be given to students who do partake though. If you are attending the virtual interviews please fill out this survey.

Report Card

Submit your grade 7 report card. There are three ways to do so:

  • To mail it (VSB only), bring a copy of your report card in an envelope to your elementary school office and write "Attention: Tupper Mini" on the envelope - make sure to check with the admin in your office to see if you need anything else. This will then be sent directly to Tupper's office.

  • To use our form, go to this link and upload the file. Due to Google restrictions, this will only work if you have a Google account.

  • To email it, attach your report card to an email sent to "tuppermini@gmail.com" with the subject line "Applicant Report Card - First Name Last Name". We would also like the file name in the email to be: "Last Name, First Name Grade 7 Report Card"

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