Admissions Process

1. Attend the Tupper Mini School Information Night. (2020 date and time TBA)

2. Apply to Tupper. Pick up an application package from the Tupper office or download the application package online. Please use a blue or black pen when filling out your application. Along with your application, please attach a photocopy of your final Grade 6 report card and a photocopy of your most recent Grade 7 report card, along with any other pertinent academic documents or reference letters. Return the application package to the Tupper Office when completed. Please note: we cannot accept electronically submitted applications. 

Application deadline: . 2020 date and time TBA

3. Apply online for the free District Cognitive Skills Test through the Vancouver School Board's website. Remember to provide your Personal Education Number (PEN) when applying online (see your teacher or MyEd BC for your PEN number). This step is extremely important — without the District Cognitive Skills Test, your application to Tupper Mini School will not be considered. When ranking your program choices on your test application, be sure to put your first choice first. First choice candidates are considered before second and third choice candidates. Your ranking matters!

4. Write the District Cognitive Skills Test (2020 date and time TBA). Students in the Tupper family of schools will write the test at Tupper — even if you live out of catchment. We want all students to feel comfortable with the peers they are enrolled with, so this applies across the district. Ask your elementary school administration if you are unsure.


Tupper Mini Application (.docx)

Tupper Mini  Application (.pdf)


419 E 24th Ave
Vancouver, V5V 2A2