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Course Planning

While at Tupper Mini School, course planning is an essential part of the school experience. This page sets out the requirements for the 5 years you'll be with us and hopefully can help you to understand what you will be able to learn while apart of our program. 

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

In grade 8, all Mini Students will take the following courses:

  • Mini Math 9

  • Mini Science 8

  • Mini English 8

  • Mini Social Studies 8

  • PE 8.

They also go through a rotation of 4 different Applied Design, Skills, and Technology courses and the option of either a 4 course arts rotation or band. Most students will take French 8, but students coming from advanced French programs may take higher level courses more suited to their abilities.

In Grade 9, you first get the ability to choose some of your courses.

All Mini Students will take the following courses:

  • Mini Math 10

  • Mini Science 10

  • Mini English 9

  • Mini Social Studies 9

  • PE 9

  • Their next level of French.

Students also get their choice of two electives this year. They will be able to choose from our extensive list of ADST or Arts courses. 

In Grade 10, students begin to get even more freedom in their course selection.

Mini Students must take the following courses: 

  • Mini Social Studies 10

  • Mini English 10

  • PE 10

  • Career Life Education 10

The options for Science are Physics 11, Chemistry 11 and Biology 11.

The options for Foundations 11, or Pre-Calculus 11.

They can then fill their remaining courses with any electives they wish to take or elect to take additional science courses.

In grade 11, students are able to decide a lot about their educational journey.

Mini Students must take the following:

  • Mini English 11 

  • Explorations in Social Studies 11

  • The rest is up to them. 

Options for Science Classes are any grade 11 Science that they haven't taken yet but wish to, and any grade 12 Science they wish to continue with.

Math options are Foundations 12 or Pre-Calculus 12. 

They can then fill their remaining course with any electives they wish to take. 

The only mandatory course for grade 12 is Mini English 12. 

The rest of the student's courses can be a variety of Math and Science classes that weren't completed in grade 11, and any electives they wish to take or elect to take. Many students wish to take Calculous 12 in their final year.

Students must work with the Mini Coordinator and their counsellor to ensure they take all the proper credits to graduate.   

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