Application Process

This program is your pathway towards your future in academics. Are you ready to face the challenges and be a part of the experiences we have to offer?

Costs and Subsidies

Our program offers many opportunities of enrichment. We want you to be a part of it. No matter what the cost, we will offer support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Application process


Where can I find an application form?

Applications forms can be picked up from the Tupper office or can be printed here.

How should I prepare for the Group Interview and Mini School Exam?

You do not have to prepare for any of the above. The group interview does not evaluate skill. Here at the Tupper Mini School, we simply want to see who you are, not what you have done. Your personality and work ethic define who you will be in the future.

What is a cross boundary form?

If you do not live in our catchment area, Tupper will use a Cross Boundary Form to ask your catchment high school permission to enroll you into our school and program. You can check the Vancouver School Board Catchment Map to see if you are in catchment to our school. Please wait until you have been given an offer of acceptance before submitting a Bross Boundary Application.

Where can I get a cross boundary form?

You can get a cross boundary form at your elementary school office. We also have the forms in the Tupper office. You will need one to apply to a high school outside of your catchment area.

How do you choose?

We look for students who excel in academics, have good work habits, and are team players. We also look for individuals who play an avid role in their community. We also look for indicators that predict whether you will be able to handle the pace and workload of acceleration. Our first perspective of an applicant's potential success in our program lies in the marks, work habits, and teacher's comment's in their last two report cards. We pay very close attention to these details. We also cross-check report card marks with the District Cognitive Skills Assessment tests to be sure that we are not making a mistake in our selection of student candidates.

Are there certain quotas for applicants? (e.g. catchment, gender)

We do not set quotas for applicants; however, we try to balance the number of males and females in our program.

How will I find out if I'm accepted?

Acceptance emails will be sent out to successful candidates who supplied an email address.

What do I do if I am not accepted? Can I still apply to the mainstream program?

Yes! You can. Your mainstream application must be made independently from your application to Tupper Mini. The deadline for the mainstream application will be the end of January. Please contact the Main Tupper Office for proper instructions. (Please keep in mind that not all cross-boundary applications will be approved)

Is there a waiting-list?

Yes, there is. If one or more of the 'first offers' accept seats at other Mini-Schools, then we will offer these openings to applicants on our waiting-list. However, we have been asked not to let applicants know if they are on the waiting-list. The reason for that being, you could end up with no choices if you wait for an offer from our program, while declining a confirmed offer elsewhere and not be offered a confirmed seat in our program.

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