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This program is your pathway towards your future in academics. Are you ready to face the challenges and be a part of the experiences we have to offer?

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Important Dates

Check out the key dates in our application process.

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Costs and Subsidies

Our program offers many opportunities for enrichment. We want you to be a part of it. No matter what the cost, we will offer support.

Admissions: Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Admissions: FAQ

Where can I find an application form? 

Applications forms are only available online this year and can be found here.

How should I prepare for the Group Interview and Mini School Exam? 

You do not have to prepare for any of the above. The group interview does not evaluate skill. Here at the Tupper Mini School, we simply want to see who you are, not what you have done. Your personality and work ethic will come through during the interview. Try your best to to be open, kind, and work well in a team, but most importantly, be yourself! 

Where can I get a cross boundary form? 

You can get a cross-boundary form from the VSB district website. You do not need one to apply to any district-wide programs (such as Tupper Mini School); however, you will need one if you are also applying for the mainstream program at a high school outside of your catchment area. 

How do you choose?

We look for students who are well rounded: students who excel in academics, have excellent work habits, are team players who are kind to others, and want to be at school to learn and do their best. We also look for individuals who play an avid role in their community through joining sports, clubs, or other activities. 

During the application process, we will be looking to evaluate if you will be able to succeed within Tupper Mini's accelerated and enriched workload. Our first look at an applicant is through their application and report card. The interview will help us identify the following: students who are able to interact effectively in a group setting, students who treat each other with kindness and patience, and students who can communicate ideas clearly. Additionally, there is a small written component to the interview so we can evaluate students' writing levels. 

Are there certain quotas for applicants? (e.g. catchment, gender)

We do not set quotas for applicants; however, we aim to build cohorts of diverse applicants of various interests and backgrounds.

How will I find out if I'm accepted?

Acceptance emails will be sent out to successful candidates to the email address they provided. Dates of first round acceptances are posted on the website. 

What do I do if I am not accepted? Can I still apply to the mainstream program?

Yes, you can. Your mainstream application must be made independently from your application to Tupper Mini. The deadline for the mainstream application will be the end of January. Please contact the Main Tupper Office for proper instructions. Please keep in mind that not all cross-boundary applications will be approved.

Is there a waiting-list?

Yes, there is a waiting-list. If one or more of the 'first offers' accept places at other Mini-Schools, then we will offer these openings to applicants on our waiting-list. However, we have been asked not to let applicants know if they are on the waiting-list. The reason for that is that students may wait for second offers but end up with no choices if they decline their first offer. 

How does Tupper shortlist its candidates?

At a glance, Tupper Mini selects students with diverse interests, skills, and talents. Furthermore, they should demonstrate the academic and mental fitness necessary to handle an accelerated and enriched program. In order to be accepted, all applications must be complete and include an elementary school report card from Grade 7 (assessment and comments). 

As this is a district program, we try to select students from a diverse range of schools and experiences to contribute to the enriched nature of our program. 


Every selection is based on the needs and abilities of the individual and is not always clear to an outsider looking in. Tupper Mini does not share results or rankings with anyone becuase this is confidential. While many candidates meet the base criteria for our program, we are limited to 28 offers, which obviously makes the selection particularly challenging. 

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