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Watch our 2018 Tupper Mini Camp Highlights Video

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This amazing video has been compiled by our very own Estevan Machuca, showcasing the natural beauty of YMCA Camp Elphinstone. He composed this write up about his video:

"My name is Estevan and I am a student at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary looking to pursue Photography and Videography as a career. I luckily have a lot of freedom in my Photography course and since I was already going to Mini Camp, I decided I would make a video for our annual camp trip. I really enjoyed making the video as I got to use my drone in the beautiful scenery that camp Elphinstone provided. I also thought it was pretty cool to be the first one to make a video for Mini Camp and I hope to be able to continue making videos for Mini Camp, maybe even as an alumni. I was glad I got this experience as shooting this style of video really helped me in understanding what would go into a professional video for an event. Thank you to the Mini faculty for letting me make this video, it was a great experience, and I learned a lot."

Tupper Mini Camp 2018 maintained the theme of team building and inter-grade development, as well as character building in a fun and encouraging environment. As in years past, Tupper Mini Camp has incorporated alumni involvement to increase student interaction and appreciation of chaperones. Additionally, as with most Tupper Mini events, we have incorporated educational opportunities for our students, such as nature walks throughout the biologically diverse forest and coastal terrain. Attended by 150 Tupper Mini students along with Alumni and faculty, Tupper Mini Camp is the highlight of the school year for many of our students.

Thanks again to Estevan Machuca for the incredible video!

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