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Mini Interview Schedules 2019

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Mini Interviews are coming up!

Tupper Mini's interviews will be conducted over the next two weeks from Friday, January 18th 2019 to Friday, January 15th 2019. There will be two interview times, from 11:45-1:15 or from 3:15-4:45. Students are grouped by schools.

Friday, January 18th 11:45-1:15: Interview A - Selkirk, Van Horne, Secord, Tyee

Monday, January 21st 11:45-1:15: Interview C - Nightingale, Strathcona, Osler, Henderson

Monday, January 21st 3:15-4:45: Interview D - Dickens - A (Last Names A-G)

Tuesday, January 22nd 11:45-1:15: Interview E - Wolfe, Edith Cavell

Tuesday, January 22nd 3:15-4:45: Interview F - Dickens - B (Last Names H-Z), Fleming.

Wednesday, January 23rd 11:45-1:15: Interview G - Queen Elizabeth, False Creek, Hastings, Vancouver College, St. Augustines, Tennyson, Gordon, Francis Xavier

Wednesday, January 23rd 3:15-4:45: Interview H - McBride, Talmud Torah

Thursday, January 24th 11:45-1:15: Interview I - Renfrew, Champlain Heights, Norma Rose, Anglophone BC, Norquay, Mt. Pleasant, Nootka, Maple Grove

Thursday, January 24th 3:15-4-45: Interview J - L’Ecole Bilingue, Jules Verne

Friday, January 25th 11:45-1:15: Interview K - Kerrisdale, Pear Tree, MacKenzie, James Douglas, Waverly, Queen Alexandra

Friday, January 25th 3:15-4:45: Interview L - Brock, Livingstone

Wednesday, January 30th 3:15-4:45: Interview B - Simon Fraser (previously scheduled for January 18th)

Dickens Students will be separated alphabetically into two groups. Students with last names from A- G will be in the first interview (Dickens-A) and students with last names from H-Z will be grouped into the second interview (Dickens-B).

Please make sure to arrive at your interview on time and meet in the Tupper Foyer (319 E 24th Ave, Vancouver, BC). As a reminder, there is nothing to prepare for this interview. We look forward to meeting you!

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