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Senior Mini Camp 2022

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hello Senior Tupper Mini Students,

As we continue to work on the planning of this year's senior mini camp, we wanted to post some preliminary information so families can begin to prepare. Camp will be taking place on May 25th - May 27th. We are including a packing list for all participants to come prepared. Keep in mind that weather is unpredictable so pack accordingly.

It is imperative that all students attending mini camp strictly adhere to this packing list as it has been designed to cover all the important aspects of camp.

Cabin & activity groups will likely be announced on Monday, May 23rd. All responses to the group planning form have been taken into account and are reflected in the groups. Accommodations will only be made for students with legitimate reasons for changes. If you have a serious concern after groups are released, a meeting with Mr. Iameo will be necessary to discuss the changes.

If camp is approved, we will need all students to be incredibly proactive to complete and return forms ASAP. There will be multiple forms to complete and all of them are required to attend camp. More information will be given in the event that the camp is approved.

While we don't yet have a confirmation of the camp, we will send out an update as soon as we receive approval. We ask that you please hold back your questions about whether camp is happening or not until after Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding and please continue to stay optimistic.


Mini Camp Planning Committee

Packing List
Download PDF • 30KB

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